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Curriculum Vitae


Name in Full : Cho, Sam-Rae , Date of Birth : January 15, 1952 

Family Relations : I have a wife and two sons in my family 
       Home : ££301-131, 395-5, Munwha-dong, Jung-gu,  
          TaeJon city, Chung-nam province, Korea(south). 
       Tel : (042-582-6975),   

        Officer :££314-701, 182, Shinkwan-dong, Kongju city,     
           Chungnam Province, Korea(south). 
           Dept. of Biology, College of   Natural Science, Kongju  
           National  University, Korea(south).    
           Tel: (041) 850-8501,   Fax: (041) 856-1505 

Educational background: 
        Graduated  from Bo mun High School, Tae Jon, Korea, in  February, 1972 
        Entered Teacher's college, Kongju National University, in March, 1972 
        Finished  four years course of  Kongju National   University, Teacher's College in February, 1976 
        Entered Korea University with Master's course in March, 1976 
        Graducated from the above University with Master's  degree of Education in February, 1976    
        Entered  Kyong Hee University with Doctor's course in   March,1987 
        Graducated  from the above University with Doctor's  degree, Dept. of  Ornithology in February, 1991 

Business  background :       
        Employmented at Kang Kyong Girls High School in April, 1979  and worked 3 years at there. 
        Employmented at KongJu National University, Teacher's College  in May, 1983  and worked 8 years at there. 
        Employmented  at College of Science, KongJu National University in  March, 1991 and  works at here until now in the capacity of  professor. 

I hereby declare that the above mentioned are correct and true to  the best  of my knowledge 

                                                          Cho  Sam  Rae 
                                                     Date: September  1, 1998 

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